Stories of Faith

Brook Sill
Model and Actress

"The saying that someone lights up the room when they walk in is defined by Bryant Bush. No matter where he goes, or what group he speaks to, everyone is in awe of his peace, happiness, and interest in others. There's no doubt that God shines through BB every day. Bryant has a wondrous way of understanding whatever your problem may be and turning it completely upside down. I don't think it's possible to talk with him and not be encouraged. I thank God every day for BB and his amazing friendship. He believed in me from the moment he met me, and that will forever mean more than he will ever know."

Les Snead,
General Manager of
the Los Angeles Rams NFL

"When Bryant and I met years ago as 7th graders in the small town of Eufaula, AL, I had a big dream to play college football and be a part of the National Football League. Bryant encouraged me to never give up and to reach my ambitions. For over ten years now, I've witnessed Bryant Bush do the same thing for NFL teams, coaches, and individual players through his pre-game inspirational talks and personal interactions. Bryant's ability to inspire people to dream big, chase those dreams, and eventually catch those dreams is without question his place in this world."

Don Esmond
former VP Toyota Motor Sales, USA

"No matter how successful you are you will still have worries. After hearing Bryant's talk, "Broken Branches", on overcoming adversity and discouragement, I have to say now that I really do worry a lot less."

Ken Hall
National Student Consultant

"BB is an extremely gifted communicator who relates to students in a unique, but genuine way. Besides his communication skills, Bryant's concern for students is evidenced by the time he is willing to spend with each one individually. His impact on students both throughout the state of Mississippi and nationwide is truly profound. I love this guy."

Richard Quick,
Six-time US Olympic
Swim Coach

"What Bryant does in gathering tips from successful people and sharing that wisdom with others is what makes champions. He was a joy to work with and such an inspiration to us all."



Karol Turner
Oxford, MS

"Today I asked my son, a high school senior; ‘If you could name just one person, other than family, who would you say has had the biggest impact on your life?’ Without hesitation, he said, ‘BB’. I would have to say that my answer would be the same. The genuine, unconditional love that Bryant Bush has for people is almost indescribable. He has a way of making everyone he meets feel like they are the most special person in the world. And, in a world where so many young people feel invisible at times, this is priceless. There is a light in Bryant that draws people to the Lord. We have one of his drawings that he did for my son, and it reminds us daily of one of his strongest messages, ‘Let your light shine’. And, that is exactly what BB does. So if someone came to me and asked the question, ‘How would you sum Bryant Bush up in one word?’ It would have to be, ‘Love’."

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